the girl with the dayglo heart (slfcllednowhere) wrote in tmbg_dreams,
the girl with the dayglo heart


OMG you guys, last night I had a TMBG dream that wasn't dirty or depressing, WHAT. It was amazing though. So, I can tell you about it! :D

We were all at this camp (I think?) of wiki/newsgroup/Cowtown people (OMFG HOW MUCH DOES THIS NEED TO HAPPEN), and we were in this big room of bunkbeds falling asleep and talking about Them. And people started talking about this thing with John's...I haven't been able to remember what it was exactly since I woke up AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY, it was something like "Imponderables" but not that exactly, GOD THIS IS BUGGING ME, but anyway something like that. And I was like "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS ARE TALKING ABOUT I'M GOING TO CRY" and everybody was all "WTF QUINN" and I was like "SHUT UP I FEEL GUILTY ENOUGH ALREADY." But then people explained that he was like...writing this puzzle column for the newspaper, and it was one of those jumble-y unscramble things (LIKE HIS ANAGRAMS HELL YES) and these other little word puzzle things (and maybe trivia questions also?), but like, IT WAS WEIRD AS FUCK AND IT WAS ALL WORDS NO ONE ELSE BUT HIM KNOWS EVER EVER EVER. And they interviewed Flans about it and Flans was all "Oh, no, those words Linnell uses are all real! He looks up all the Greek and Latin roots! He's just really smart!" (And then he said something about him wanting to start some LOLConverse thing WHICH I AM SO COMPELLED TO DO NOW.) And then, yeh, I flailed for hours and couldn't fall asleep, basically. CAN'T YOU SO SEE HIM DOING THIS? HE SO NEEDS TO DO THIS. I can totally picture him, like, with a pencil behind his ear thinking them up and being all giddy. *flails*
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