the girl with the dayglo heart (slfcllednowhere) wrote in tmbg_dreams,
the girl with the dayglo heart

This is totally happening, y'all

All right, here's one: The other night, I was listening to a college radio show with my good buddy Ant, and somehow, UNRELATED TO ANYTHING, one of the people on it said something about how John Linnell had decided that no one was paying attention to him anymore so he was just going to start going around, like, half-naked all the time now. Just to be clear, he wasn't planning it to get people to pay attention to him--I guess he had just always secretly wanted to and now finally felt like he could. And I was just like "I APPROVE OF THIS PLAN." Yeh subconscious, no idea how you came up with this, not like I'm dying for THAT to happen or anything...
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