the girl with the dayglo heart (slfcllednowhere) wrote in tmbg_dreams,
the girl with the dayglo heart

Couple of snippets from last night

1. I was watching the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which I have actually not seen any episodes of ever) and apparently the way she started was that she could suddenly read people's thoughts and heard people thinking about...vampires that needed to be slayed, I guess. Anyway, for the montage where she's first reading minds and then solving people's problems, "Subliminal" was playing. Now, if this really happened in a TV show I would be all "OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG" but for a dream I was like "Really, subconscious? Kind of obvious."

2. I sent Flans a question on the IFC Tumblr telling him They should come out with a book of, like, show flyers and ads for albums and apparently also there were all these old SECRET INSERTS from records that no one had anymore etc, and that it should all be perforated so you could put the stuff up on your walls. THAT WOULD ACTUALLY BE PRETTY DAMN AWESOME.
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