the girl with the dayglo heart (slfcllednowhere) wrote in tmbg_dreams,
the girl with the dayglo heart

Two new ones

1. I somehow got the ability to travel through time so obviously all I wanted to do was go to a TMBG duo show. So I went to '92--'92 was when They started playing with a full band, but apparently there were still some duo shows. I brought my digital camera and was afraid people might notice it and be all confused. The show itself, needless to say, was MOTHERFUCKING AMAZING, though I was very confused that they kept playing songs that weren't even written yet. I remember at one point they played "Thermostat" and I was like "HOW ARE THEY PLAYING THIS WHEN IT'S ON LONG TALL WEEKEND" (which of course IT ISN'T, so WTF self, but it still wouldn't have been played then).

2. I was watching some video (I think at a show but I'm not sure about that) which basically consisted of, like, all this spliced together footage of Flans seducing various girls, all super-smoothly. SO VERY PLAUSIBLE.
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