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Well, it's been some active Johns times in Quinn Dreamland as of late. I've had three They dreams recently, and they were conveniently arranged in increasing level of WTF-ness:

#1: Ok, really just a bit of a snippet here. Some really weird troll had gone after the Mundanes Wikipedia page (an obvious target, right?) and changed it to all this stuff that made no sense whatsoever. The only bit I remember, which actually made about the most sense, was that Linnell decided to pretend to be black the whole time he was in the band and figured it would be easy cos everyone would assume the keyboard player was black anyway. No, that doesn't actually make any sort of sense but trust me, the other things really REALLY didn't make sense.

#2: WELL THIS ONE DIDN'T MESS WITH MY HEAD OR ANYTHING. So we've all seen those Flans yearbook pictures by now, yes? WELL. I was taking a community college class and it was horrible, but I started to feel better when the professor somehow found out that I'm a TMBG fan (strange because I am always, you know, soooooooooooo discreet about this fact). And he told me he had this picture he'd have to dig up for me. He was roughly The Johns' age but didn't know them at all and didn't even grow up anywhere near Lincoln. But at some point when they were all on high school he'd been on a beach (I believe it was on the Jersey shore somewhere) and had decided for whatever reason to take a picture of what was revealed years later to be a young shirtless Mr. Flansburgh. So he did find the picture for me--Flans was shirtless cos, y'know, it was a beach and all (although he was still wearing his glasses) and sort of...gazing off thoughtfully into the ocean. IT WASN'T EXCITING OR ANYTHING I LOVE YOU LINNELL YOU KNOW I DO.

#3: I was in some generic European city with a huge group of friends. We were on the way to an art museum but I got separated from them all by a sudden huge crowd and had to figure out how to get there myself, which was very nerve-wracking. But when I got there I suddenly didn't care about my friends anymore because there was a big sign in the window by the entrance that said "MINK CAR, FULL ALBUM" and then a picture of the cover. I assumed it meant they were performing a full-album show there that day, and while part of me was definitely like "Mink Car? SERIOUSLY Johns?" I was still hella hella excited about seeing them, naturally. But further inspection of the sign revealed that they were just going to be playing the album there at the museum, and not even all at once, just one song a day--what a ripoff! And it said what that day's song was and it wasn't even a song which pissed me off (I think the title was "Sunshine and" something or other.) Then I saw that next to the sign there was a display case of things it said were Mink Car "props" and things but I could not figure out how any of them had ANY sort of connection to the album. The only thing I remember is that there was a plastic model of a cup of french fries like you'd get at a fast food place, with a sign helpfully explaining that it "Looks great next to your TV!" Yeh, I got nooooooo idea. As I said it was Europe so something was lost in translation, perhaps?
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