the girl with the dayglo heart (slfcllednowhere) wrote in tmbg_dreams,
the girl with the dayglo heart

This totally makes sense

Last week, had a dream that Linnell had come out with the fact that "Doctor Worm" was inspired by the War of 1812. Sadly, he did not explain how the HELL this worked, but I'm sure he would have come up with some sort of very interesting explanation. Also I don't know if my brain was on total random mode or if it was seeing the actual semi-connection that there's the great Johnny Horton song "The Battle of New Orleans" and John did cover his "North to Alaska" on the State Songs tour. Here's my buddy gammadog's explanation for how it works:

(8:21:44 PM) apollonum: i mean
(8:21:46 PM) apollonum: worm
(8:21:50 PM) apollonum: sounds a lot like war!! and
(8:21:58 PM) apollonum: the war of 1812 was totally pointless, you know?
(8:22:05 PM) apollonum: not much of a war at all
(8:22:25 PM) apollonum: rabbi vole is andrew jackson, i tell you what
(8:22:40 PM) apollonum: I CAN'T HEAR THE DOORBELL
(8:22:42 PM) apollonum: because
(8:22:43 PM) apollonum: BECAUSE
(8:22:44 PM) apollonum: IT ENDED
(8:22:47 PM) apollonum: BUT THEY DIDN'T KNOW
(8:22:51 PM) apollonum: SO THEY KEPT FIGHTING
(8:22:57 PM) apollonum: because, you know
(8:22:58 PM) apollonum: atlantic ocean
(8:23:19 PM) apollonum: also, you know
(8:23:22 PM) apollonum: drums, war, etc
(8:23:29 PM) apollonum: yes yes yes
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